The future of traveling is with E-Ink

The E-Ink technology has been around for several years. The most common use today is for Amazon Kindle and Oaxis InkCase with stand-out features such as its readability under direct sunlight and its extreme low power consumption for battery.

Recently, popular luxury luggage maker – Rimowa has announced the roll out of the Rimowa’s Electronic Tag which is essentially an integration of E-Ink technology with their luggage to act as a substitute for the conventional paper luggage tag, commonly used to mark luggage. It uses Bluetooth connection to download data from supported airline apps for check-in details with its sight set on simplifying the process of printing and tagging at the airport.


The folks at Rimowa have also paired its luggage with an iOS compatible app that is used to initiate the E Ink tag to switch into the contact information mode. Unfortunately, at current stage, only Lufthansa Airlines has enabled its platform to sync with Rimowa’s latest E Ink luggage. So, Rimowa has cleverly enabled the app to sync images to its E Ink luggage to create a even more personal touch.







Given that this innovation is specially designed for Airline travels, security will include a Bluetooth that can only be activated from within the case. The E Ink display is powered by twin AAA batteries that can last for months with reasonable screen refreshes. To sync with Rimowa’s renowned  built quality, the E Ink is shielded with Gorilla Glass – that is used by the iPhone you are holding onto now.

Source: Engadget







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